Washington Feynman Interleague

We may not have been able to compete in Washington this year, but we still wanted to go check out what the Washington robotics teams are doing. We took a ferry and drove for many hours to watch some amazing matches, talk to some awesome teams, and eat some Subway.

FIX IT on the ferry and barely awake…

It was great to meet some of the Washington teams that we haven’t seen since World Championships, or that we haven’t seen since we last competed in Washington. Everyone had amazing robots and performed great in the competition!

FIX IT talking to Sushi Squad (collab of the century?!?!?)
Bryce giving Kai the FIX IT blessing (this is very prestigious according to nobody)

Unfortunately we had to leave just after watching the semi finals, but we watched a huge chunk of matches and learned a lot from the visit. We took our fresh knowledge back to Victoria and we will use it to improve our robot! Huge thanks again to all the Washington teams for making the journey worth it!

Also, you will NEVER GUESS who we ran into on the way back!!!!

Team photos with Santa

Hope everyone has a happy holidays!!!

Fall Trips

In September we went to visit both Amazon and Microsoft Headquarters in Seattle.

The Amazon Campus is located in the middle of downtown Seattle.  It was sometimes a challenge to know what was or was not Amazon, but almost everything was!

“The amazon spheres were amazing. They looked very futuristic and filled with plants. There were lots of meeting rooms and creative spaces inside. It was like an environment simulation” 

Next up was Microsoft. The Redmond campus was giving us some serious college campus vibes. There was a soccer field, restaurants, and well, people. It was quite high tech, with wireless chargers at every bench and seating area.  It seemed like Microsoft was trying to centralize their employees’ lives, with restaurants, bike shops, and many other facilities on-site. They let us play a round of Apex Legends.

Visiting Microsoft HQ