Fall Trips

In September we went to visit both Amazon and Microsoft Headquarters in Seattle.

The Amazon Campus is located in the middle of downtown Seattle.  It was sometimes a challenge to know what was or was not Amazon, but almost everything was!

“The amazon spheres were amazing. They looked very futuristic and filled with plants. There were lots of meeting rooms and creative spaces inside. It was like an environment simulation” 

Next up was Microsoft. The Redmond campus was giving us some serious college campus vibes. There was a soccer field, restaurants, and well, people. It was quite high tech, with wireless chargers at every bench and seating area.  It seemed like Microsoft was trying to centralize their employees’ lives, with restaurants, bike shops, and many other facilities on-site. They let us play a round of Apex Legends.

Visiting Microsoft HQ

Washington State League One Event

Today was League One in Washington State. We’re in the Knuth League with about 12 other teams. Our new team members found it really exciting, and a bit nerve racking. Ines and Emily got to learn about how a league competition works, and how to go through inspections, as well as what a competition is like. Continue reading “Washington State League One Event”