FIX IT at the Tesla Interleague, Everett, WA

Telsa Interleague

After seeing the robots from Pasteur’s Interleague Competition, we were a little nervous about today. However, when we got our robot to the practice field, found that our robot, Fermion, could collect and shoot particles extremely well. Unfortunately, since the practice field wasn’t complete (it only had one beacon and two Vuforia image targets), we couldn’t fully test autonomous.

Despite our best efforts, autonomous didn’t work this competition. For some reason, Vuforia couldn’t detect the image targets while we were driving towards the first beacon. It may have been the actual images and the way they were mounted on the playing field.  At least we’ll have some time to figure it out before our next competition.

By the end of the qualifying matches we had won 3 matches, tied 1 match, and lost 1 match.  When added with our league scores, FIX IT was ranked 4th overall and was an Alliance Captain for the final elimination rounds!

Unfortunately, we had a series of problems in the semi-finals.  Our shooter broke in the first match, then the motor on our collector broke in the second match.  So we didn’t advance to the finals.

But…—we won the Connect Award and the 3rd place Inspire!  We’re going to the Washington State Championships!!!!

Congratulations to the Inspire Winner – 11104 Bearded Pineapples  and the Captain of the Winning Alliance – 3805 Atomic Robotics!