Team 3491 is Alberta Champions

FIX IT wins Alberta Inspire Award
FIX IT wins Alberta Inspire Award

We’re going to Worlds!!!

The team had a great time at the FTC Alberta Championships on Feb. 11/12 which were hosted at the Telus World of Science, Edmonton.

Fermion, our robot, performed well. During autonomous, he always scored one particle and usually scored at least one beacon. Strangely enough, it wasn’t always the same beacon! In a semi-final qualifying match we got 85 points in autonomous which was a perfect score for that program.

In tele-op, our team was scoring 3-4 particles in the centre vortex.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get our cap ball lifter working in time, but fingers crossed for the BC Championships!

We managed to win all five of our qualification matches, so we became the first Alliance Captain. We selected Team 10015 SwatBots Red (for their amazing shooter) and Team 10544 Cyber Eagles (for their great cap ball lifter) for our alliance.  It was a great alliance with all the robots working well together.

During the awards ceremony, we were thrilled to be recognized as the Inspire Award winner from the Alberta Championships!