Sponsor Us!

Sponsors make it possible for the team members to spend more time designing and building the robot and less time on fundraising.

Team FIX IT 3491 is happy to work with a sponsor to find ways to feature your logo on the robot itself and the team website. There may even be opportunities to bring our robot to your local events.

A sponsor relationship also provides exposure for your company to some talented future engineers. It’s as easy as clicking one of the options below! You’ll have our thanks!

How to sponsor us:

e-transfer: fixit3491@gmail.com
Cheque payable to: Victoria Robotics Club, 287 ILOTT Place, Victoria, V9C 3V6

Private Donations
If you would like to make a large, private donation, please Contact Us before making the donation. We can arrange a different payment method so that you will receive a personal tax receipt.

Our Finances

Income2022-23*2023-24 Budget
Fund Raising3,1702,000
New Members200400
Carry forward7062,031
Total Income$6,526$6,931
Expenses2022-23*2023-24 Budget
FTC Team Registration398400
Tournament Registration400400
Robot Parts1,4451,500
Misc. (shirts, website, …)280400
Total Costs$4,495$4,700
*Does not include travel to Australia for the Asia-Pacific Championships

Sponsorship Levels & Perks

Platinum – $2,500 CAD

For a donation of $2,500 or higher, the FIX IT team will hand out items (e.g. business cards, brochures, handouts) from your company to everyone at the competition! Since we attend international competitions (some with thousands of attendees), you can be sure that your company’s name will be advertised! This level of donation also receives all the perks from lower levels.

Gold – $1,000- $2,400 CAD

With a donation of $1,000 or more, we’ll put your name (or company’s name) on our robot! At many of our competitions our robot is recorded and watched by a large audience. This level of donation also receives all the perks from lower levels.

Silver – $500- $999 CAD

With a donation of $500 – $999 we’ll place your name (or company’s name) on our website amongst our list of sponsors! This level of donation also gets all the perks from lower levels.

Bronze – $250- $499 CAD

Your name (or company’s name) will go onto our posters at our team’s station! This perk also receives all perks from lower levels of donation.

Friends – Under $250 CAD

Thank you for helping our team!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Sponsors

ActuonixEngineers and Geoscientists BC
RainhouseVictoria Makerspace