About FIX IT

FIX IT 3491 is a FIRST Tech Challenge robotics team from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. It formed in 2009 as an FTC team when a group of graduating FIRST LEGO League students wanted to continue building robots. The original team members have long graduated, but their legacy/ team lives on.

The FIX IT team has competed all over the world: China, Australia, Canada, and the United States. At those competitions, we are proud to have won many awards, including the Inspire Award at the 2017 FTC World Championships in Houston.

For our first seven years, there were no local competitions for us to attend and all the resulting travel has become part of our team dynamic. Our trips are a great opportunity for team building, strategizing, planning changes to our robot, and we have fun!

In our team, decisions about the engineering notebook, robot, and outreach events are primarily made by the team, with guidance from our coach. Team members are entrusted to carry out the team responsibilities, including planning and running outreach events, completing the engineering notebook, and, of course, building the robot. For these tasks, help is welcomed from adults (e.g. booking a facility for an outreach event) but we believe it is important that team members design and build the robot, plan outreach presentations and primarily do the work of the team.