British Columbia Teachers Conference, Oct 20-21

FIX IT set up a FIRST exhibit at the British Columbia Teachers Conference in Vancouver. In partnership with FIRST Canada FIRST Robotics Competition representatives, we pulled off a pretty exciting display. Teachers were encouraged to drive small driver bots made with FTC technology, and talk about how their students could participate in a FIRST program. Many of the 6,000 teachers came through the exhibit during the 15 hours of the event. Continue reading “British Columbia Teachers Conference, Oct 20-21”

“Mars Rover” at Centre of the Universe, August 8

The FIX IT team will be at the DAO Summer Star party this coming Saturday August 8th at the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory (formerly The Centre of the Universe) at 5071 West Saanich Rd. We will have a small display as well as a “Mars Rover” of our own construction to drive around, which has a drill on the front as well a grabber.

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FIX IT given guest spot at GottaCon 2015

The FIX IT team was given a guest spot at GottaCon, a Gaming Convention held at the Crystal Gardens in downtown Victoria. There was a simple game using Block Party Blocks, a ramp and a “rough” which was green bumpy plastic. Two, small Omni-wheeled robots were available for people to try out. Points were awarded for getting the blocks to a scoring zone.

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