FIXIT at Aboriginal Back-to-School Picnic

Aboriginal Back to School Picnic

More than 1,100 students celebrated the soon-to-start school year with the annual Aboriginal Back to School Picnic on the lawn of Government House in Victoria, August 13, 2016.

Presented by Surrounded by Cedar Children and Family Services, the Victoria Native Friendship Centre, Hulitan Social Services and M’akola Housing Society, Aboriginal students from kindergarten to Grade 12 can register for a free backpack full of supplies required for the upcoming school year.  The day is filled with games, events and fun for the students.

The FIX IT Team was invited to create a robot challenge as one of the events.  We were set up as the only activity on the dining hall (ballroom)  at Government House.  There were two driver bots that had to push a block through the zig zags and then up the ramp and into a basket.  About 75 kids had a turn driving the robots with older students actually completing the challenge.

Alec and Guy had the opportunity to meet the Lieutenant Governor and talk about FTC and our team.