Rover Ruckus – 2019

Our Robot: Armstrong


For this FTC Season, we named our robot Armstrong since he has a ‘strong arm’ to grab onto the Lander. In autonomous, Armstrong lowers himself to the field then unlatches himself from the Lander. On the Depot side of the field, he samples minerals and drops off our Team Marker. On the Crater side of the field, he samples and parks touching the crater.

In tele-op, with his Scoring Arm, Armstrong can score in the around 6-8 minerals in the lander. If something happens to the arm, Armstrong can score in the depot, generally scoring around four to six minerals. During end game, Armstrong latches onto the lander and pulls himself up and off the field. If anything goes wrong, he can ark by the crater, if necessary.


  • Pasteur Interleague Championship (Washington State)
    • Inspire Award, 2nd place
    • Motivate Award
  • Washington State Championships
    • Connect Award
  • BC Championships
    • Connect Award

Events and Travels

Pasteur Interleague Championship (Washington State)

Pasteur Interleague Championship (Washington State) – Motivate Award

FIX IT competed at the Washington State FTC Interleague on December 15, 2018. We had a lot of fun, especially when we walked through the middle of the auditorium with the Canadian flag for the playing of “Oh Canada” amid much cheering.

We won Motivate and 2nd Inspire and qualified for Washington State Championships! Championships, here we come!

British Columbia Championship

Alliance photo with Fusion 11589 – BC Championships

BC Championships was an exciting day! We ended up third overall and became an Alliance Captain and chose Fusion as our alliance partner. We played 3 semi-finals matches, winning the first one by 2 points!

At the end of the day, FIX IT won the Connect Award! Next stop, Washington State Championships!

Washington State Championships

Washington State Championships

FIX IT competed at the Washington State Championship on March 17, 2019. We saw many cool robots and designs, meeting teams from all over Washington State!

FIX IT won the Connect Award, finishing Qualification Matches in the 28th place.