Skystone – 2020

Our Robot: Joules


In autonomous, Joules starts near the foundation strafes sideways to the foundation, then releases the foundation movers to pull the foundation into the depot, and strafes diagonally right, stopping at the inner end of the skybridge, and strafes right in and under the skybridge.

In tele-op, the drivers use her linear slide and box grabber to stack to the height of 2 blocks. If something happens to the box grabber, Joules can use her stone mover to drag around blocks under the Skybridge or feed our alliance partner blocks to stack. By end game, Joules travels to the foundation to drag it out of the building site, drops our Tim Hortons’ cup Capstone, and parks in the building site using a tape measure if there’s no room.


  • Feynman Interleague Championship (Washington State)
    • Motivate Award
    • Connect Award, 2nd place
  • BC Championships
    • Inspire Award
    • Nominated for Control Award
  • Asia Pacific Invitational
    • Nominated for Connect Award

Events and Travels

Pasteur Interleague Championship (Washington State)

Washington Interleague

FIX IT competed at the Washington State Interleague on January 11, 2019. We were very excited to see the Washington State Teams who weren’t in our league. It was a chance to catch up with Rose Dragons who we haven’t seen since last year.

FIX IT worked well with their partners, winning all 5 matches with an average score of 69.4 points and being ranked 1st at the end of the Qualifying Rounds. FIX IT and TechNova proceeded to score over 100 points in their matches together, winning the final match and being the Captain of the Winning Alliance, as well as being nominated for the design award and winning the Control Award.

Washington State Championships

Washington State Championships – Inspire Award

FIX IT was one of 36 teams that competed in the Washington State Championships. We had very reliable Autonomous programs, and were the third pick of the 2nd Alliance Captain, 14179 Sushi Squad with 12611 TechNova as their first pick.

We won the Inspire award! With it, a ticket to the World Championships!

British Columbia Championship

British Columbia Championships

FIX IT competed in the British Columbia FTC Championships. Many of the rookie teams that we helped this season were there. It was great to see how what they had learned this year. Many of the teams talked to us about how the Preparing for Championships handout helped them get ready for the day.

It looked like our helping for competition handout worked – we were the only non-rookie team that won awards, and Guild of Builders, who did control award documentation thanks to our handout, won control!

World Championships – CANCELLED

Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus, the World Championships were cancelled.