Ultimate Goal – 2021

Our Robot: Beyonce

Picture of our robot, Beyonce, in March 2021

Beyonce is a mecanum drive robot geared at a 2:1 ratio for speed and maneuverability. She has a flywheel shooter with a hopper to regulate rings and has a grabber that is used to score and manipulate wobble goals. Beyonce uses two REV Robotics hubs that are stored in the underside of the robot with a belly plate for protection.

In Autonomous, Beyonce shoots in the high goal, scores a wobble goal, and navigates to the Launch Line.

In tele-op the drivers coordinate the wobble goals to be set beyond the launch line for Endgame scoring, and collect and shoot in the high and mid goals. In End Game, Beyonce scores the power shots and delivers both wobble goals into the drop zone.

Beyonce is a bit of an odd name for a robot, but it does relate to the game. The team drew inspiration from the song Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It), and we thought it would be perfect because of the rings in this year’s game!


  • Feynman Interleague Championship (Washington State)
    • Motivate Award
    • Connect Award, 2nd place
  • BC Championships
    • Inspire Award
    • Nominated for Control Award
  • Asia Pacific Invitational
    • Nominated for Connect Award

Events (all remote)

Feynman Interleague Championship (Washington State)

Preparing for a match

FIX IT competed in Washington remotely during this season, and due to everything being remote, we were able to meet teams from outside our league, that we may normally never see during our leagues. We were able to meet many new people and teams, and have fun along the way.

In Interleague, we won the Motivate award, and was nominated 2nd place for the Connect award.

British Columbia Championship

BC Championships – Inspire Award

FIX IT competed in the British Columbia FTC Championships. And although we competed remotely, we were still able to meet many teams from around BC, communicating with one another, and helping one another to the best of our abilities.

In the end, FIX IT was proud to win the Inspire Award.

World Championships – CANCELLED (again)

Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus, the World Championships were cancelled (again).