Team Members

Aila Simpson (2015-present)

AilaHi, I’m Aila Simpson. This is my third year on the FIX IT team, but my sixth year on a robotics team.

Right now, I am teaching myself Java, electronics and mechanics through school. In my spare time, I love to read, play guitar and sing. I also enjoy travelling and am looking forward to doing so with the team.

I enjoy learning how robots work and building mechanisms, especially when they work.

Emily Wang (2017-present)

EmilyThis is my very first year on the team. There were these two genius programmers from my school who were in grade 12 last year on the FIX IT team. Joining a robotics team sounded fun and they told me all about it. I actually haven’t done anything related to FIRST before. It’s a great experience, and this year won’t be my last.

I want to learn so many more things, more about robots and principles of engineering and design. I want to be able to fully understand how our programs work and be able to create more complex ones. As well, I want to share this knowledge with teams, and make more friends!

Ines Khouider (2017-present)

InesI’ve been on the team 0.4 years. This year, I am the awesome person who does rookie stuff and drive team.

I love robots. I really like programming, and building, and engineering, and FIRST has all of that. Not to mention that FIX IT has cool green hats, so the choice was easy. This year, I am on the drive team and I’m really excited
about everything!


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