Team Members

Ben Dam (2016-present)

BenThis year is my first on the FIX IT team, but my 6th year on a FIRST team.

I enjoy building and designing robots and seeing a robot evolve through a season. I also enjoy all the traveling we get to do as a team and look forward to all the places we’ll get to go.

Outside of robotics, I like building with LEGO and have a YouTube channel where I upload my creations. I like biking as well as skiing and most other outdoor recreation.

Helen Leslie (2013-present)

HelenHi, I’m Helen Leslie. I am 17 years old and this is my fourth year with the FIX IT team, but my seventh year on a FIRST team.

I particularly enjoy all the travelling I’ve gotten to do with the team and getting to meet teams from different countries.

Outside of robotics, I enjoy playing the flute, reading and getting emotionally invested in tv shows. I also regularly go skiing and/or snowboarding as well as volunteer with the goats at our local fair every year.

Aila Simpson (2015-present)

AilaHi, I’m Aila Simpson. This is my second year on the FIX IT team, but my fifth year on a robotics team.

Right now, I am teaching myself Java, electronics and mechanics through school. In my spare time, I love to read, play guitar and sing. I also enjoy travelling and am looking forward to doing so with the team.

I enjoy learning how robots work and building mechanisms, especially when they work.

Alec Krawciw (2013 – present)

AlecHi, I’m Alec Krawciw. This is my fourth year on the FIX IT team.

I like programming and robots. This year will be my last year on the team and I would like to create BioBoy, a program similar to RobotBoy and WireBoy, which will write my profile for me!

Outside of robotics, I play the piano and the viola. I really like school. I am planning to study engineering at my local university.

Guy Stoppi (2014 – present)

GuyMy name is Guy Stoppi. This is my third and last year on the FIX IT team, but I’ll be graduating with a lot of awesome experiences from all over the world.

I love programming the robot, especially its image analysis component, and all the traveling I get to do on the team.

Outside of the robotics, I tutor at my school and help plan school events. I am planning to study computer science at university.

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