Team Members

Kai Williams

Lead Programmer, Field Coach
Kai became involved with FIRST because he was looking to ascend to the next level of robotics and learn more about programming. He’s had a great time meeting new people and learning new skills on FIX IT!
Goal: Improve knowledge of programming and gain more experience as a software developer.

Amren Kareer

EN Coordinator, Media Manager
Amren heard about FIRST when his brother joined FIX IT, and volunteered until he was old enough to join the team. He loves seeing how so many different teams tackle the same challenge.
Goal: Expand skill sets to become a more well-rounded team member, and teach skills to others.

Jasper Farragher

Driver Team, CAD, Builder
Jasper is 14 years old and this is his first year on the team, and so far he has been enjoying it a lot. He heard about FIX IT from his Gramma’s boyfriend who is a Makerspace member.
Goal: To learn how to answer questions and how to use fun tools and machines at Makerspace.

Leo Zhang

CAD, Builder, Aircraft Engineer
Leo is 14 years old and in his first year on the team. He has enjoying learning different aspects such as CAD, 3D printing and using tools such as a lathe.
Goal: To learn to make basic CAD models using On-Shape and some basic programming.

Jason Alder

Builder, Scout, CAD
In early January of 2024, Jason has officially joined FIX IT. He is currently working on his CAD skills, and has built a test frame. He heard about FIX IT from his brother’s friend.
Goal: To advance his CAD skills for developing & improving models, and to advance his knowledge in robot designing.

Ryan Alder

Builder, Human Player, CAD, Programmer
In early January 2024, Ryan signed with FIX IT. As a new team member, he started to learn new skills such as programming, CAD, 3D printing, and the use of new tools
such as the lathe.
Goal: To improve and advance computer skills and techniques for future job opportunity.

Max Gregg

Driver, Builder
Max joined FIRST to learn new skills and improve existing ones. He loves having the opportunity to meet amazing like minded people through FIRST.
Goal: Learn as many new skills as possible and become an overall better team member.

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