Team Members

Kai Williams

This is my first year on team FIX IT and so far I’m really enjoying it.

Why did you join FIX IT?
I joined FIX IT because my mom found the team online and I started to take a bigger interest in robotics and computing at the time. I’ve played around with electronics and computing throughout my life but FIX IT was my first chance to go a level higher.

Jackson Van Domselaar

This is my second year on team FIX IT. I have also done FLL for two years. Two of my personal goals for the season are arriving on time, and building mechanisms that are so well made that they will not need maintenance often.

Bryce Kong

Hello. This is my third year in FIRST.

What motivated you to join FIRST?
My love for technology and the urge to want to move it forward.

Amren Kareer

My name is Amren. I’m really happy to be on FIX IT. This is my third year on the team.

What motivated you to join FIRST?
I realized I didn’t really do much with myself and I wanted to try something new. My brother was on this robotics team called “FIX IT” and I decided to join and see what it’s all about. It changed my life and I haven’t looked back.

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