Team Members

Ines Khouider

InesThis will be my third year on the team. I’m currently the main programmer and senior team member.

Why did you join FIX IT?

I love robots. I really like programming, and building, and engineering, and FIRST has all of that. Not to mention that FIX IT has cool green hats, so the choice was easy.

Ishaan Kareer

IshaanHi, I’m Ishaan. This is my second year on the team, and I joined because I like building robots. It’s super fun, and I usually don’t get the time to do hand-on stuff like this at home. I like competition too. I’m also learning a lot, like OnBot java, and robot parts.

What motivated you to join FIRST?

When I first met FIX IT, I saw the team building robots. It looked like a lot of fun, and I wanted to do that as well. Just the fact that building robots motivates me, with a little competition. The team spirit inspires me.

Mythri  Ushettige

MythriMy name is Mythri (pronounced My-three). This is my second year on the FIX IT team.

What motivated you to join FIRST?

I noticed I didn’t have much to do in my free time, and my friend Ines was really talking about how much fun her robotics team was. So I decided to drop in to Makerspace to see what the team was all about. Soon after, there was the control hub testing, and I went to Washington, which was unusual for someone new. It was a great experience.

Joel Vermes

JoelThis is my second year on the team.

What motivated you to join FIRST?

I was in a robotics class, and my teacher told me I needed something more challenging, so I decided to join a robotics club in the community. I’m glad that I found something that’s more challenging, and that I enjoy!

Bijou Spiers

BijouI’m in the 10th grade at Ecole Victor-Brodeur, and I like to involve myself in lots of extracurriculars most recently robotics. This is my second year on FIX IT.

What motivated you to join FIRST?

To challenge myself and learn to think as a team….. I just want to create some really cool stuff.

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