League 2 competition

League 2 Competition

The FIX IT team is part of the Knuth League in Washington State.

Our last match at League 1 was not counted because we played six matches, when the other leagues had played only five.  It was our last match that was deleted, which was unfortunate for us.  Many of our ranking points had been scored in the final match.

League Two was on Dec. 10.  We had changed our wheel base to a chain drive with Mecanum wheels, but didn’t have enough time for testing and driver practice.  Our main autonomous program that pushed both beacons, was not working.  In the end, we did run a program to knock the cap ball onto the mats and park on the Center Vortex.

Tele-Op driving was working OK, and we were able to win 3/5 matches today. Our record is now 8/10 and our ranking points are up from the last competition.

At least two of the teams were successful at capping the Center Vortex.  It’s fun to watch as the large ball goes up in the air.