Washington State League One Event

Today was League One in Washington State. We’re in the Knuth League with about 12 other teams. Our new team members found it really exciting, and a bit nerve racking. Ines and Emily got to learn about how a league competition works, and how to go through inspections, as well as what a competition is like.

The day started out with a practice match, to illustrate how much time there would be between autonomous and tele-op periods. Our autonomous worked perfectly (55 points) and scored the glyph in the right cryptobox column. It was our top score for the day, unfortunately it wasn’t a scored match.

Throughout the day, we worked on small improvements to the glifter. The biggest improvement being the addition of a couple pieces of cardboard to the glyph holders, making the top of the opening narrower, so the glyphs didn’t slip.

It was really exciting to see our robot running during autonomous every match. Our drivers have been getting a lot more practice at this competition, and on the ferry, making up for the limited amount we managed to squeeze in before the competition.

The photo shows us celebrating with Cyborg Ferrets (FTC 7198) after match 9.

FIX IT with Cyborg Ferrets
FIX IT with Cyborg Ferrets

Congratulations to Whitby Island Wildcats (FTC 7676) who are the top team in the Knuth League!