Australia Day 3

Our first couple of days were packed with sightseeing trips to help everyone adjust to the Australian day. We’ve got one day left before the competition, so it was a more relaxed day with everyone picking their own sights to see.

Max- This morning, I stopped at Darling Harbor on my way to a gluten-free bakery. The food was amazing! After the bakery, I went to a massive mall in central Sydney. There were lots of cool luxury watches. Tonight I shopped at a market in Sydney’s Chinatown. There were so many vendors!

Garrett & Bryce- We started our morning with a short harbor walk through downtown followed by a ferry ride to the Sydney Opera House. After circling the Opera House we stopped for an enjoyable lunch nearby. 

Once our meals were finished we took another scenic ferry to Manly beach. We ran down the beach then took a shoeless walk across the peninsula to take a swim at the much sunnier and larger beach. Bryce was able to swim immediately, but Garrett forgot his swimsuit, which prompted a speed shopping expedition in order to find some swim shorts for him to wear. Jumping the waves and body surfing was worth the ride!

Lastly, during our ferry home we bounced over some large waves, while the sun set beautifully over the Sydney skyline.

Amren – I woke up in the same house I’ve been staying at. Went shopping with the Dad and bought some warmer clothes since I underpacked for the Australian winter. Had a Greek food lunch at the mall’s food court, then went to Sydney opera house. I accidentally bought an $8 bottle of juice. It tasted really good, but not worth the $8. I kept touring around, bought some souvenirs for friends back home, and had dinner at an Indian restaurant with the family friends and my dad. Long day, but super fun.

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