Australia – Day 2

Today was Kangaroo Valley.  We spent the morning sightseeing on the way to Kangaroo Valley.  There was a beautiful lookout (Sublime Point) near Wollongong and waterfalls in the national parks. 

On the way into Kangaroo Valley, we had a group of Kangaroos jump across the road in front of us.  The next thing we saw was an Echidna!  It was just on the side of the road. 

Our guide made us a great barbecue dinner including Kangaroo Burgers. 

Then we wandered around with many wombats and kangaroos in the park. 

Personal Highlights of the day

Max- Seeing the kangaroos. I like how they hop around

Garrett- Seeing the cliffs and waterfalls on the way to Kangaroo Valley. The views were stunning.

Food/beverage Highlights of the day

Max- The kangaroo burger. It was surprisingly good

Garrett- My beef, bacon, and cheese pie for lunch. It was very savory and delicious.

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