Australia – Day 1

Today we went to see the Jenolan Caves.  Our day started with a train to the Blue Mountains (Katoomba Station) and then a bus ride up to the caves.  Our tour went through the Diamond and Imperial Caves. After the caves, we were able to stop out one of the Blue Mountain lookouts.

Team member highlights for the day

Amren: The blue mountains national park stop on the way back from the caves was super cool and reminded me of paradise falls from the movie “Up”.

Bryce: In the Jenolan Caves we saw helictites, which are limestone formations that defy gravity!  It was a mystery for a long time how they formed.   If you look careful at the photo, you can see what looks like little white stalactites that grow sideways.

Max: Seeing the Wallaby (it was very cute).  I’d only heard about them before, and it was not what I was expecting.

Garrett: The rock formations that look like curtains, drapes or shawls.  There was even one that looked like strip of bacon.

Traveling with a group of teenagers means that there are food/beverage highlights too!

Food/beverage highlights

Max: Donut (very yummy and very gluten free)

Garrett: Ridiculously good flat white coffee from a small cafe in Katoomba.  

Amren: For lunch at the caves, the hamburger burger had beets in it?!?!?!?

See more of our photos from the caves and Blue Mountains.