APOC Day 1

Today was the opening day for the Asia-Pacific Championships in Sydney Australia!

Our team got checked in, set up our pit, and completed robot inspection. Tonight was a friendship celebration with teams doing short presentations on their team, country, or whatever they wanted to share. It was lots of fun and there was lots of dancing!

Max- Seeing the name of one of the teams at APOC. It was a team from India named Team Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Bryce – Rekindling the tradition of dancing with other teams at the friendship celebration! Many teams had dancing related presentations and asked the audience to join in!

Amren – I loved all the performances done by all the teams during the friendship celebration. A majority of them tied into their own cultures, but my personal favourite was the team that played Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns n’ Roses live with a drum set and 2 guitars. As someone that does many musical performances, that was really, really good!

Garrett – I was so happy to meet up with the Gong Invaders! I took a picture with them too!

Food/beverage highlights of the day

Max- the fruit punch I had. It was very good.

Amren – I absolutely demolished a spicy chicken burrito at one of the restaurants in the mall. I also got a student discount on my drink!

Bryce – I made my own burrito and then ate it at a Mexican restaurant in the mall. I got eyed by the employees…

Garrett – The KFC (dirty bird) fries tastes like chicken! It’s because they use the same seasoning on the chicken as they do the fries.

Photos from Day 1 APOC