League 2 Competition Weekend

League 2 Event
We were able to arrive early for League 2 this past December, which gave us lots of time to practice on the field.

Our collector worked well picking up blocks, and we knew the arm could score in any basket.  But, our robot, Billy, had a lot of trouble driving up the mountain again. It was frustrating because he drives up our mountain just fine…

We found a way to move the arm backwards to get a better weight distribution and added heavy pipe over the wheels to increase traction.  Finally, Billy was able to drive up the mountains, but it was still taking a lot of time.  We got some practice in scoring in the baskets — and then it was time for the first match.

Billy was able to pick up blocks, but then the collector broke.  We did get to score in the low basket once, but for the rest of the matches our team was finding innovative ways to score points without picking up blocks.  Fortunately, a lot of things worked out, and we won 4 out of 5 matches.

Thanks to the Mark and the Neobytes for hosting our League!