WARC, 2015-11-23

Today was the first day of our competition.   All teams have moved to the new Android platform, and this event was the first time we had used the new technology at a competition.

It was a challenging day.  Many robots weren’t able to run for no obvious reason.  Larry had his own challenges that had to do with trying to update a program from an incomplete copy of the software.  Our programmer, Guy, spent hours trying many different approaches.

While it was tough watching Larry sit still in many matches, it was very exciting when he was finally driving in our last match of the day.
WARC Day One 1

We were surprised and delighted to be selected for a final alliance by team 1007 from China.  They played against us in our last match, when Larry was finally working, and must have liked what they saw.
WARC Day One 2

The Elimination matches will be played tomorrow morning.

Jack did a great job as our mascot.  He seemed to be having fun shadowing another mascot.
WARC Day One 3

Some of our team members had a bit of time to go and check some of the exhibition robots.  Everyone liked the robot that could play badminton.  They are hoping to get time tomorrow to play a game with it!