APOC Day 3

What an exciting day! FIX IT won all three of their matches for a record of 5/6. We were in sixth place at the start of Alliance Selection and invited to join the fourth alliance.

Unfortunately, our alliance was eliminated in the semifinals.

After the final matches were played, it was time for the block party! There was dancing and even a photo booth. Here’s some pictures we took with some of the RoboKings.

Personal highlights of the day

Bryce – My favourite part about today’s competition was having to test our alliance partner candidate’s Autonomous in order to assist us in deciding who to pick. 

Garrett – Explaining the Event and what FIRST is to a pair of curious university students that had wandered in.

Max – seeing how happy team VORTEX was after we chose them to be on our alliance. 

Food/beverage highlights of the day

Garrett – Drinking Max’s 7 dollar green apple juice. It definitely wasn’t what he wanted.