APOC Day 2

The mornings start early and the nights go late!

Today we were up early to make sure everything was ready for our judging interview at 9:30, which went well.

Then there was time for practice matches before lunch, including our match with Gong Invaders who are an Aussie team we’ve gotten to know.

This afternoon was Qualification matches. Leia is doing well, but at this level of competition, you need two good robots to stand a chance. Our first match of the day was with a team 20870 Matrix from Mumbai, India. It was our high score for the season of 265 points.

The second match was a tough with our partner largely disabled in the substation making it very difficult for us to get cones to score.

The third match was against the US team, 8644 Brainstormers, who were one of the top teams at Worlds. Both FIX IT and our partner 11022 from Romania were excited to win that match. Currently we’re ranked 10th, which is great at a very competitive event!

With the competition wrapped up for the day, we had a quick dinner and headed to the Walangari Karntarwara Aboriginal show. It turned out to be an audience participation event!

The night wrapped up with a Trivia contest. Two of our team members came in second and third!

And just in case we forgot where we were, there interesting birds to see on campus and even visiting our hotel balcony!

Personal highlights of the day

Garrett – Winning our third match against The Brainstormers, we were not very confident but we pulled it off.

Max – We meet a really fun competitor from India! His name is Pai and he’s part of team Matrix 20870

Bryce – Since I was called to the field due to log file issues after matches ended, I was able to take some beautiful robot photos with the field in the background!

Food/beverage highlights of the day

Garrett – Got some brown sugar bubble tea at the university. Pretty good!
Max – I had a lamington for the first time ever! It was decent.

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