Sept 11–13: New Season Kickoff

Team FIX IT had a fun weekend attending the Kickoff event for the new competition season.

Kickoff MDA

On Friday, Sept 11, we paid a visit to our sponsor MDA in Richmond. They made us feel very welcome, as we enjoyed presentations from their scientists and engineers. MDA Richmond builds radar imaging systems for satellites and aircraft. Their Ontario location is famous for building the Canadarm and Dextre arm of the International Space Station. We got to see some beautiful images from RadarSat 2 and learned about their next project, the RadarSat Constellation mission. We also had fun demonstrating our competition robot to their staff.

Kickoff Boeing

Later that day, en route to Seattle, we toured the Boeing plant in Everett, Washington. It was awe inspiring to see so many huge aircraft in all stages of assembly and painting.

Kickoff FIRST Res-Q

On Saturday Sept 12, we attended the official kick off for the new season at Microsoft Headquarters in Redmond, near Seattle. The game is called ResQ and involves climbing a ramp and a wall with rungs. We had a great meeting with Seattle based Team Swerve for a strategy brainstorming session afterwards. We’re all looking forward to the new season. Good luck teams