The FIX IT team is going to China!

Canada and China Flags

FIX IT is delighted to announce, that we have been invited by China FIRST to be FIRST ambassadors at the World Robotics Conference (WRC) in Beijing, China, November 22–24.

WRC 2015 will focus on international research and key applications of robots.  There will be a Conference where researchers from around the world will share their findings, an Exhibition to display the latest achievements in robotics, and the World Adolescent Robot Contest 2015 (WARC 2015) where Chinese and Internationals teams will showcase different types of robot competitions.

The FTC event will have 6 international teams and 6 Chinese teams.  We haven’t seen a full team list yet, but we know the FTC 4924 Tuxedo Pandas and FTC 7190 Green Girls will be there.

If you would like to help, any donations will be greatly appreciated.

We’d love to talk to companies about sponsoring us for the event in China.  We should have a display area where we could include information about your company and products.