FTC Championship: Day 3

Day Three

On Thursday we played three matches. In the first match the scissor lift wire came undone and therefore we could not actually score balls. In our second match the robot finally worked properly. We scored in the medium goal in autonomous and scored more in the medium goal later in tele-op and filled the centre goal in end game. Although we did well we still lost the match. In our last match of the day, our autonomous program didn’t work, but we still won the match.

Tonight we had dinner with the teams from the Pacific Northwest, went to the FIRST Opening Ceremonies, and cheered for Katie and Duncan at the Dean’s List Ceremony

Livestreaming from Championship now available

The livestreaming link is: (our team is in the Edison division)—we will email around a more detailed schedule of our matches tomorrow. We will have matches tomorrow, Thursday and Friday.

One of the tournament sponsors is SpaceX—we’re looking forward to visiting their display booth. promotes the team

Team FIX IT 3491

Meet FIX IT 3491 The First Island eXperts In Technology. Team members Guy, Alec, Helen, and Duncan recently won the Canadian Championships. They are the only team in BC and one of only two attending in their age category who will represent Canada in St. Louis at the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition in Science/Technology) World Championships for Robotics.

FIX IT given guest spot at GottaCon 2015

The FIX IT team was given a guest spot at GottaCon, a Gaming Convention held at the Crystal Gardens in downtown Victoria. There was a simple game using Block Party Blocks, a ramp and a “rough” which was green bumpy plastic. Two, small Omni-wheeled robots were available for people to try out. Points were awarded for getting the blocks to a scoring zone.

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