FTC West Super Regional – Wrap Up

Our matches went well, finally, and there were no major connection issues.  At our last few events, there were many issues that would pop up during competitions.   These three days at Super Regionals were relatively good in that aspect.


It was a great opportunity for us to switch around our drive team so that one of our new team members, Emily, got some experience as field coach.  It was a cool experience when the positions were jazzed up.

Nonstandard Deviation, Tesseract, PrestidigiTators and SKID were our pit neighbours.  We played volleyball together and encouraged lots of teams to try our curling game.

We finished the qualifying matches in 21st place in the Olympic division.

Congratulations to FTC 8496 Heat it up and Keep it cool Robotics who won Inspire and to all the teams who qualified for the Championship in Houston.