Boeing Tour – Sept. 8th

On the way to the Washington State Kick Off, we were given the exceptional opportunity to tour the largest building in the world– the Everett Boeing Manufacturing Plant. One of our alumni was able to join us for the tour, and it was also a chance to hear about his first year in engineering at University.

Boeing Tour

One of the main aspects we amazed by was how fast they could build such large planes in such an orderly fashion, including all the complicated safety procedures. It was also interesting to learn about all the autonomous robots and mechanisms they’ve been introducing to improve efficiency and safety.

One of our guides had been involved in some of the stress tests for the new composite wings.  He was able to explain the details of the process as well as how and why it was different from previous wing testing.

We actually went an hour overtime, since we got such a unique opportunity to tour the floor of the Boeing Plant. All in all, it was a super entertaining and educating tour, and we hope to receive the opportunity to learn about such an interesting place again.