World Championships: Team nominated for three awards

Nominated for three awards
FIX IT nominated for three awards, including Inspire!

The morning started with Alliance Selection.  Unfortunately, FIX IT was not chosen for a Final Alliance, but we had lots of fun cheering the teams who were still playing the robot game.

Then it was the first part of the Awards Ceremony.  The team celebrated when it was announced as one of the six teams nominated for the Control Award, for programming.

A couple of awards later, was the Think Award for the Engineering Notebook.  The team was surprised and delighted to be nominated for this, too.

The top award is the Inspire Award, which is given to the team that truly embodies the ‘challenge’ of the FTC program. FIX IT was shocked to hear that it was nominated for this, too—along with three spectacular teams (Tesseract, the Ducks, and Error 404). We all have to wait until Closing Ceremonies tonight to find out who wins….