World Championships: Day 1

FIX IT had a good first day at the Championships.

Our robot made it through inspections.  Here’s a picture of Helen carry the robot to the field for one of the inspections.

Helen with robot

The judging interview went well.  Unfortunately, we lost of our first match, but there are 8 more matches in the qualifying rounds.

The live feed for Jemison is at

Here’s our match schedule:

Day               Match #                 est. time (in Houston)

  • Wed.        6                         3:32pm
  • Thur.       21                         8:06am
  • Thur.       41                         10:16am
  • Thur       49                         1:06pm
  • Thur       76                         4:02pm
  • Fri          96                         8:52am
  • Fri         109                         10:16am
  • Fri         124                         1:52pm
  • Fri         144                         4:02pm