FIX IT 3491 interviewed on CBC Radio

CBC Radio Interview
Today Guy and I were interviewed live on the CBC Victoria morning program On the Island, by host Gregor Craigie. We were excited to be interviewed in the 8:20–8:30 slot, at the height of prime-time, as people drive to work.

We arrived at the CBC office and took out Fermion and demonstrated it to the hosts. We spoke with Gregor about FTC, Velocity Vortex, Fermion and the Championship in Houston. It was a new challenge for us to describe the robot without being able to point to it and demonstrate it. Unfortunately, we didn’t have Fermion introduce himself over the air. Overall though we feel the interview went pretty well.

It was very cool to be in a soundproofed broadcasting room with all of the fancy microphones and insulation. We thoroughly enjoyed talking on the radio and hope that this will help garner more interest in our team and FTC in Victoria.