St. Louis 2013 – Day Two

Today, the team had six matches. We won four and lost two.

The good news is that all the matches were tough, that means we have lots of ranking points.

All 64 teams in our division will play 8 matches. It’s 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss. So all the teams with four wins have 8 Game Points. Ranking points are based on the actual score of the losing teams.

If a team wins a match with a score of 150 to 35, they get 2 game points and 35 ranking points (the losing score). If a team wins a match with a score of 240 to 195, they still get 2 game points, but now they get 195 ranking points. It means that teams that play in tough matches get ranked higher than teams that win easy games.

Our team, FIX IT 3491, finished the day with 4 wins (8 game points) and 733 ranking points. We are third in the ranking of the 11 teams with 4 wins

At this point, FIX IT 3491 is ranked 11th out of 64 teams. We are delighted!

Now we just have to see what happens with our last two games on Friday.

Our complete match schedule is on the main Saint Louis page.

A lot of time is spent queuing for matches:
St Louis Day Two 1

Here we are scoring two rings on a high peg:
St Louis Day Two 2

Here we are scoring weighted rings in the corner goal which we were doing in every match. One of the few teams to do that: