BC Victoria Scrimmage One

On Nov. 20, 2021, 3491 FIX IT competed in the first live FTC scrimmage in over a year and a half! It was great to get back to in-person matches playing FREIGHT-FRENZY, and meeting the teams for a very fun Scrimmage!

We had a good first scrimmage, with an average score of 75.2 pts each match, and the highest score in the scrimmage of 177 points!

Here is a link to see our matches
Qualification 2 (39pts): https://youtu.be/OrQ_Iitlqe8?t=966
Qualification 3 (17pts): https://youtu.be/OrQ_Iitlqe8?t=1775
Qualification 4 (66pts): https://youtu.be/OrQ_Iitlqe8?t=2602
Qualification 5 (177pts): https://youtu.be/OrQ_Iitlqe8?t=3122
Qualification 4 (77pts): https://youtu.be/OrQ_Iitlqe8?t=4860

We had a lot of fun at this first scrimmage and it was great to see the other teams and their robots. We are excited for the next events.