Rookie Tips Contest

Firgelli actuators


Held by 3491 FIX IT during the World Championships at St. Louis, April 27–30, 2016.

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What is your favourite tip that you want to share with a Rookie Team next year?

  • It could be anything from building tips, to travel suggestions, to programming hints—or tips for the new technology.
  • Submit your Rookie Tip, and you could win a linear actuator or a $100 gift certificate from Firgelli Technologies (one of 3491’s sponsors).
  • Use the form below, or post your idea in person at our Tips Board (Pit Franklin – Water 24). Be sure to include your team name and number.


  • $100 Gift Certificate – We have three of these to give away.
  • A Firgelli L16 (stroke length 50mm) Linear Actuator
  • A Firgelli PQ 12 R (stroke length 20mm) Linear Actuator

Note: Firgelli RC Linear Actuators are approved servo motors for FTC robots.

Rookie Tips Contest

  • Always be prepared to pick teams in the finals if you are ranked within the top 10 teams.
  • If your team is placed in a position to pick teams, make a list of teams greater than the amount of available slots open.
  • When considering another team, observe how the team competes as a whole not just their ranking. Some teams could have a really good robot but had some bad luck in the rounds.


Team 417 (S.K.I.D.)

  • Prize: Gift certificate

Team 233 (FRC)

  • Prize: Gift certificate

Team 8907

  • Prize: Gift certificate

Team 5385

  • Prize: Firgelli actuator

Team 4924

  • Prize: Firgelli actuator


  1. The contest is now closed.
  2. Firgelli has changed their name, they are now Actuonix Motion Devices.Actuonix